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I would have kept quiet when Gaitlin got his medal at the Worlds in London. A drugs ban should have been a ban not a chance to come back and race amongst clean runners, twice.

The governing body needs to sort itself out.


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    I booed from the comfort and safety of the sofa. I think once a cheat always a cheat, there will always be doubt about him and all the others in various sports who have been caught.

    It's a shame that Bolt didn't retire earlier, to finish a glorious career with a bronze was an unfitting end. DD
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    I am surprised that his rivals didn't refuse to race against him. That would have made the IAAF think twice.
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    Athletics is a mess and has been for years. I stopped watching it when, instead of applauding excellence, I found myself wondering what new drug he or she was on.

    Personally I would be reluctant to give anyone a second chance let alone a third but one thing I will commend Gatlin for is his courage. How many of his his detractors would have dared to brave such a crowd let alone do it three times in an effort to beat the crowd's favourite?

    Bolt, to his great credit, was gracious in defeat.

    However, the IAAF is corrupt. "It is the governing body - and the very structure of the governing body - that has allowed this type of corruption," Michael Johnson.
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    I neither booed or cheered when Gatlin won the 100m, but athletics is a mess. The IAAF needs to look at itself, or as Bolt said athletics could die.
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    I neither booed nor cheered whats the point won't make any difference once an organisation is corrupt its corrupt end of. Mig