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Hi all,
Hoping to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.
I have always been. very fit, carry no excess weight and walk 15 miles about 4 times a week and never had any problems apart from the odd niggle in the knees when walking down stairs or hills. A few months ago while out walking I suddenly experienced a sharp pain in my left knee every time my foot touched the ground while walking down a gentle slope, this lasted a couple of minutes then stopped and I thought nothing more of it till I woke in the night and my knee was throbbing. I then started to develop an intense aching in my quadriceps muscle whenever I stood or walked for anything more than a few minutes. At this point I went to see the doctor who suggested arthritis of the knee and sent me for physio, which I have been receiving for the last few months now. My physio is shocked by just how tender and painful my quadriceps is, and the exercises I have been following have not improved the situation at all, so an x ray has been done which confirms the osteoarthritis diagnosis. The trouble is I can no longer walk or stand for more than a few minutes without my leg getting extremely painful, but my knee doesn't bother me much at all. Painkillers aren't having any impact, nor does resting it which I have also tried for many weeks. The doctor hasn't really been able to offer any help, and everyone else I have spoken to with arthritis say they have never had anything like this. Can anyone help explain what is going on and offer any advice please?


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    When my MIL's hip was deteriorating she had pain in her knee!

    So an X-ray has confirmed OA in your knee, but you have no pain there...I know X-rays often do not agree with levels of pain.

    Have you had an MRI? They look better at soft tissues than X-rays do....muscles tendons etc...

    You don't say what age you are sdean, which might or might not be relevant, but I imagine you are finding it very frustrating not being able to walk ATM.

    Further investigation required I should think???

    Toni x