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Hi everyone :D
I have only recently been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left ankle. I injured it about 7 years ago and it's never been right since.Although it was a bit of a shock initially i'm glad in a way that i know what i have and can find out what is best to do for it to help the symptoms. :sun: :sun:


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    Hi Paganraven
    welcome to the community it is lovely to have you here. You are also right that it is much easier to manage a condition once you have a diagnosis and an understanding of your condition. I am sure all the members here will make you very welcome and the best place to post is in the "living with arthritis forum"
    Best Wishes
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have OA in multiple joints thanks to my other arthritis - I manage it quite well with pain relief, the occasional anti-inflammatory medication or gel (never both at the same time) sports massage, gentle exercise and plenty of rest. The thought of it being in only one joint is a little strange to me - that must make it more apparent if everything else is OK.

    I presume you have had Xrays of the joint - who diagnosed you and what has your GP recommended? I wish you well. DD
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    Hi and welcome from me, too, Paganraven :)

    Unfortunately it's not unusual for OA to set in at the site of a former injury but I'm sorry it happened to you.

    What can you do to help yourself? Well, you have the right attitude for a start. It is mostly about what you can do for yourself. The GP can prescribe pain relief and / or anti-inflammatories, if needed, and also physio if needed but you can help yourself by getting the balance right between exercising it and resting it, keeping your weight to a healthy level and eating healthily and not smoking.

    If you look at the menu above, you might find the sections on 'Living With Arthritis' and 'Treatment, Aids and Equipment' useful. And please ask away if you have any specific questions.

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