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So my rheumy has made appointments for my 5 year eye tests that you have to have when on hydroxy I have had the first one done plus an eyeball scan, in a few weeks Im to go to a clinic called "evoke potentials "whatever that means it does involve having a fine wire laid into the bottom of the eye and various pads on the head I have had this done before and the worst part is sitting still and not talking for about 90 mins and no eye make-up then its back to eye clinic for results ,all this is happening in the next 4 weeks so if anyone is free I be needing pocket duties.Hopefully all will be normal and I can carry on with my meds with no changes.Im to see rheumy in november unless things need to change.


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    Sorry, mig. Can't help. The most my previous rheumatologist ever did was flip through a booklet of colourblind tests. I always passed as I parctically knew it by heart :lol: Good luck!
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    :oops: I sincerely apologise my lovely, I have been flitting in and out of the forum but somehow missed your post. :oops:

    I have not taken hydroxy but am aware it can cause eye troubles - count me in for pocket duties when and wherever. DD
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    Mig, I'll come but can I wait in the waiting room? I'm very squeamish re eyes for some odd reason.

    I have to say I shuddered when I read of how they are going to do this test. Personally, I think you are very brave! I hope after sitting for 90 minutes you'll be helped up out of the chair. If I sit for that length of time I can barely move. :roll:

    I'll be in the waiting room with a glass of wine for you - I think you'll deserve it.

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