The things men say

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So since Ive lost weight I have had to have a clothing sort out we have 2 bin bags of cloths to go to charity shop,so hubby seeing the pile of empty coat hangers on the bed said" are these for throwing away " I looked at him with mouth open "no silly *** they are for filling again " at which he went quiet and walked away shaking his head.Mig :roll:


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    No comment........
    "Stoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast"
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    And don't get me going..I could write an just don't understand us... :lol:
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    Mine doesn't understand why I need 2 pairs of shoes! Reminds me of that old joke about pairs of knickers. :roll: :lol:

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    Aahhhhh but men do understand! We understand that we don't understand and therefore it don't matter! You can only wear one lot of clothes at a time.
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    'Vive la difference' says I. He doesn't understand the need for earrings, handbags and shoes, I don't understand the need to repeatedly watch sporting highlights of old, repeatedly check the footie tables on a Saturday after 7pm when they could not possibly change or taking a paper with him when he visits the lavatory to do you-know-what.

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    You thoroughly deserve to refill those hangers mig!


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    My late partner John once made a vital error. One for which he paid for for weeks. :lol:

    He referred to something - I think it was laundry - as being "women's work". I can hear the gasps and shockwaves reverberating amongst you all now! :lol:

    Needless to say, for the next few weeks anything remotely resembling "men's work" I said I couldn't possibly do as I was a) female; b) it was man's work and therefore John had to do it and c) I was far too frail/weak to attempt it. I also made sure anything remotely resembling "woman's work" was done by me. One day I even stood by the front door when he got home from work, with his tea in one hand, slippers in the other and asked "did you have a good day at work darling? Your dinner is ready"! (I only did that the once - and just to prove the point, so please don't think that was a regular occurrence). By that stage we were laughing our heads off over it. The flowers, I seem to recall, were lovely that he got me as an apology.

    I have to say it was most out of character for him. I think he meant it as a joke, but it backfired big time on him and every now and again we talked about the time he said something was "woman's work". He never did it again, needless to say.

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    Like the bit about the slippers! :D

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    Mr SW was complaining about our son chopping down lots of tree branches then leaving his wife to tidy up. He said this was unfair.

    We then reached home where he dropped his jacket on the nearest chair, his shoes on the kitchen floor and his rucksack on the table.

    (Grace, that's a lovely, warm memory of John :D )
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    Well what can I say but men arrrgh they drive you crazy with some if the things they say and do . :lol::lol: I Know mr turbo drive me mad at times but well men will be men :wink:
    Stay positive always👍xx