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I was prescribed Oramorph some few years ago and up to recently it had been very good for helping with the pain that I have in my back but I have taken it the last couple of days without getting any relief. I am wary of increasing the dose in case I take too much and what makes it worse is that I have mislaid the syringe which had a marker on it so I am now guessing what I should have.
I have Googled all the information that I can but still need advice.
I'm 83 (just) and have ankylosing spondylitis and am spinabifida occulta.. my pain is similar to sciatica so it affects my ability to walk.
Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Oh dear, Charisse, what a trouble, I am sorry. I think the best thing to do is to contact your local pharmacy because I think most carry a range of measuring devices - do you have a helpful friend or neighbour who could go and ask / purchase on your behalf? It is very important to ensure you're taking the right amount. DD
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    Hi I'm sorry to hear you are having problem. I'm on it at the moment. The GP wants me to come off it very slowly, which I'm doing.
    One time I lost my measure and went into Bo**s and asked for help. The pharmacist gave me a 5ml spoon and also a little measuring tub, marked...5ml, 10ml etc

    I was going to pay for them but was told not to be silly. They were glad to help

    Hileena xx
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    Hello again, I've been wondering how you got on - were you able to find a measure to help you take the correct dose? I hope things are as good as they can be. DD
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    Hello Charisse

    It's good to see your name on the board :) . Not to hear you are in so much pain :(

    I hope you have replaced your measure by now and asked the GP whether you can increase your dose a little?

    Sending love and ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Charrisse, leaving extra hugs and hoping that your dosages have been sorted out now, to maximise the pain relief. XX Aidan
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    hi charrisse , see your GP , there are options other than Oramorph , I was on it & endded up in hospital for other reasons but they changed my pain management & it helped a lot

    they put me on pregabalin and zomorph along with paracetamol & it alot better controled , dont increase Oramorph with talking to your GP first
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    Thanks everyone for the comments .. it's nice to know that there are people listening when there is a dilemma to be sorted :)
    I've managed to get my dosage correctly advised and when I do have a bit of a bad day I can handle it better now.