R.I.P Bruce Forsyth

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Brucie has died at the age of 89.

R.I.P Bruce


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    He was the entertainer of his time. DD
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    I was sad to see this come up on the news. I was talking on the phone at the time so had "muted" the TV. Then I saw the V.T., being shown on the 6pm BBC News and realised what had sadly happened.

    I'm of an age where I remembered Bruce doing the Generation Game in the 1980's. He threw himself into the physical things, whether it was pottery, getting a duvet into a duvet cover (and usually himself at the same time!), the little plays at the end or dealing with the conveyor belt part of the show. There was always a cuddly toy on there, wasn't there? And, needless to say, when the player had to remember what was on the belt, he all but told them every single item so they usually got the majority of what had been shown to them!

    He was a showman through and through most recently, of course, on Strictly Come Dancing. This is a sad loss to the world of entertainment. I have no hesitation in saying he was one of a kind and they broke the mould when they made Bruce.

    Bruce - thank you for the memories, thank you for the laughs and most of all, thank you for the wonderful entertainment. May you Rest in Peace.

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    Here here Grace!

    RIP Brucie

    It was nice to see you!!


    Toni xxx
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    I go back to Beat the Clock. We could never understand why they took so long before they gave him a knighthood. When he got one, we rolled our eyes and said ABOUT BLOOMING TIME! :roll: RIP Sir Bruce.

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    He was brilliant when he hosted "Have I Got News for You"
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