Add-on handle for straight pint glass

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it's just possible that this kind of gadget exists and I don't know about it. Thus far, searching online has drawn a blank. Put simply, what I'm after is a double handle gadget that somehow fits straight one pint glass. Any ideas?


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    Welcome to the forums. It would be nice if you were to post again and tell us a little about yourself, what type of arthritis you have or if not if you care for someone with arthritis. A little bit about you always helps others to relate to you and your concerns.

    Arthritis care produce a booklet entitled Independent Living which you can down load from the main AC website at

    Arthritis Care also has a free phone help line, which is open Monday-Friday 10-4pm. It is run by volunteers, who have no medical training but who may have information on the attachment you are looking for. The number is 0808 800 4050.

    I am one of the moderators, we all have one or more of the arthritis "hangers on" or look after family with the same.

    Best wishes

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    I'd be very surprised if you could find one of these simply because it sounds so impractical. I have severe arthritis in both hands (among other places :roll: ) and no way could I raise a full pint glass to my mouth even with handles.

    Disability stores sell doubled handled lightweight mugs but they hold less than a pint. At home I pour my beer into a large melamine one-cup cafetiere (reserved for the purpose) and it has the advantage of keeping it cool for longer.

    In the pub I'd suggest you just ask for whatever is easiest - maybe a half pint glass with a handle (I place my other hand underneath to steady it) or, better still, two :wink:
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    I use both hands. DD
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    I use both hands too.

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