Super proud granny

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My grandson Jamie has got the equivalent of 9A stars,Im super proud of him and want to share this with you all and tell everyone.


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    Mig, I'm so pleased for you all. I don't think I even took nine let alone do so well in any. In fact I scraped through maths with a bare 45% :oops:

    Well done, Jamie - and Mum, and Dad and naturally the grandparents :wink:
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    Hello Mig
    well done Jamie your family are very proud of you.
    thank you Mig
    joan xx
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    Well done Jamie
    you all have the right to be very proud of him.
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    :D I wondered what that racket was - now I know it was you, shouting it from the rooftops and rightly so. :D:D DD
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    Mig that is brilliant wonder you are a proud gran...many congratulation to your grandson... :D:D
    Our GD got hers ..she got 6 passes..out of we are very pleased for her.. :D xx
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    Thats terrific Barbara ,they have to work so hard for what they get.
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    Congratulations to you mig as a proud Gran and to Barbara too also very proud :D:D


    Toni xxx
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    Thankyou Mig and Toni ..Mig you are right they have worked very hard.. :D x
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    Congratulations! I hope they all go on to college/ university and are happy

    xxxx Elizabeth x