Yoga and Osteoarthritis

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I have OA in my right hip, left shoulder and I suspect in my lower back. I was advised by the pain clinic to try yoga, so I went to my first class on Monday it was Kundilini Yoga which is slower and has an emphasis on meditation.

I surprisingly managed to keep up with the group and managed all of the moves apart from one and I left the group feeling refreshed and pleased with myself and happy that my stiffness was gone and my joints especially my lower back felt nice and loose. Then that night I couldn't sleep because of the pain I was in, my usual dose of Amitryptyline and codeine didn't eleviate the pain at all, and I've been sort of struggling since.

I was wondering if yoga is best for my OA, and should I keep going to the classes and hope that the pain will ease the more I get used to it or should I stop going? I was wondering if Tai Chi is better than yoga?


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    Oh bilhooks! What a disappointing outcome!

    Unfortunately, I don't think we're qualified to advise on this. Both yoga and Tai Chi are recommended but it might be a personal thing as to which suits best.

    I think, given your initial feelings of it doing some good, if it were me I'd try to persevere a bit longer but taking it much more gently and easily at first. Sometimes it's not the exercise that causes the problems but the speed and enthusiasm with which we launch ourselves into it.

    Is your coach aware of your arthritis? Maybe he / she could advise on how to proceed.
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    Perhaps start in small doses and build up to a full length class? For all it's gentle it's still exercise and your muscles may need time to adjust to movements they may not be used to.
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    I like Daffy's idea of gradually building up to a full class if this is feasible. I take it you are paying for this class which is also something to take into account if you are not going to take part for the whole lesson for a while.

    With all my ailments now I would not attend a yoga class but that is a personal thing. I did yoga for years a long time ago and loved it.

    I attended a tai chi class for well over a year and found that beneficial. Unfortunately the teacher moved too far away to continue taking the class. It was a class for all abilities, some sat throughout, others mixed and matched etc. I did not find a class that was anywhere near the same unfortunately so that was that. At my request the teacher ordered me a DVD which was quite expensive and which I now use daily and love it. I have definitely got my money's worth! The DVD is by Paul Lamb entitled Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 (6 lessons). I think it was shipped from Australia. You can see what it is like on YouTube.
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    I too think if you managed to do all/most the moves in the first session, you may have tried too hard.

    I am a great believer in yoga and do think it helps me, but I have practiced it for many years off and on.
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    I hope the pain has eased off by now kazza :?

    I definitely think I wouldn't have managed a whole class and I do yoga at home regularly.

    When ever I do yoga classes (in public :wink: ) I have tended to hold back and stay well within my limits.

    Yoga together with walking has really helped me with my pain.

    I hope you can get back into it but more gently this time ((()))

    Take care

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Kazza
    I do yoga and I find it helpful but initially I just did some twists and stretches for about 15 mins max and pain did increase afterwards. After doing it more regularly it no longer affects the pain and I can now manage a full class. I have RA rather than osteo though so it may affect you differently.
    WP xx
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    I did a second class on Tuesday night and again I managed the full session it's a nice gentle yoga class. I find that during the class stretching my joints really help and I feel really loose and flexible afterwards, but I was awake again all that night. I have hip OA and I felt like my hip was being jabbed with a red hot poker and my medication didn't help at all - I find OA so frustrating!

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