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I have OA in both knees early stages so shouldn't be causing me as much pain as it is. Also have it in my left thumb which swells daily and causes pain, my right hand is starting to feel the same. I recently had an MRI scan on my neck which showed wear and tear which I assume is OA? I didnt ask how advanced or bad the wear and tear is my error. I explained to the doctor that I go through periods where I am extremely tired to the point I must sleep through the day. I am 45 year old with an active job and have had 3 children but never have I felt so exhausted to the point I feel wiped out. I have had a pain in my right hip and lower back off and on for 4 months doc thought it was sciatica. I also get aching hips off and on. I get neck pain and pain in my shoulders down my arms and painful elbows. Sometimes my elbows feel like they are burning. I have had blood tests taken presumably for RA whuch csme back negative. I have been referred to rheumatologist again to discuss but afraid they will just tell me there's nothing wrong due to blood tests being negative. Is there any other explanation for my symptoms? I am always in pain and have a few days a month where I wake up not stiff or achy and have a good day.


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    Hi Jennifer
    Sorry to hear you are in pain and not having any luck with a true diagnosis. I am sure there will be people on the forum who may have the same experience and give you some guidance, perhaps call our helpline for a chat.
    love X
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    Hi JenniferB27

    It really sounds as if you’re going through a pretty challenging time, and given how busy you are with work and 3 children that can add to the challenge.
    Do talk again to the Rheumatologist, and though you say that your blood tests were negative, there are some types of Inflammatory arthritis where certain antibodies don’t show up in the blood and arthritis is present.

    We are not medically trained on the Helpline so all I would say regarding ‘explaining your symptoms’ is that it could be due to the arthritis or due to something else. Do talk to your GP whilst waiting for your consultant’s appointment, and hopefully you can have something to help with your pain.

    You might like to take a look at our ‘Managing Pain’ booklet: https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/do-i-have-arthritis/publications/217-managing-pain and our ‘Understanding Arthritis’ booklet https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/do-i-have-arthritis/publications/299-understanding-arthritis which talks about various types of arthritis and may be useful for you.

    If at any point you would like to talk to us please give us a call on our Freephone Helpline: 0808 800 4050 (weekdays 9.30 – 5) here we can take our time to talk informally and in confidence.

    I hope this is of some help.

    Best wishes

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