How to deal with pain and disability

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This won't be to everyone's taste but I roared with laughter. I find this young woman inspirational in how she cuts her disability right down to size.


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    when I was recently in hospital for a big op, the day after the op I was laying in bed thinking that everything hurt, a young physio came bounding into the ward and made a bee-line to me.
    'You should be up and about!' he kept saying, as if a lot of pain is nothing.I was very restrained in my answer that 'maybe tomorrow' I would be racing around the ward.
    I wish people would not be so bright and breezy all the time, if you are in pain, that is the wrong attitude to be around.
    If somebody asks how you are, tell them 'rotten', let them feel the same as you!.
    Tupney :sun:
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    Oh dear! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience in hospital, tupney. It's true that immediately after an op we are not at our best. My elder son once insisted on visiting a couple of hours after a THR and my reply to his 'think pleasant thoughts' when I just wanted more pain relief has gone down in the family folklore :lol:

    It is important to get up and moving asap though even though it hurts as a DVT would hurt even more. And I certainly wouldn't want those trying to help me feeling as bad as I did. I aim to keep on the right side of them. It's called self-preservation :wink:
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    Brilliant sticky! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for sharing sticky, well written and thought out!!
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    I read this too Sticky and had the same response as you.
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    As I read this I smiled a little but when I got to the end I was really choked up but boy would I have loved to see that nuns face. Cheers your Stickyness.

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