Turmeric.Does it do anything?

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Turmeric!! The new cure all at the moment. Who has tried it?
Does it help? How much do put in a drink? I was thinking of [branded name] juice. :? I am willing to try it if it will anyway help. But I am not buying this Turmeric +.

Hi Kenbo, welcome to the forums.

I have edited the brand name of this product as it comes close to advertising on the forums.

As per your other post, please do introduce yourself in either the "Say Hello" or "Living with Arthritis" forums and tell us more about yourself.

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    It does a couple of things in adding depth and flavour to food and, like lilies, does a magnificent job of staining things bright yellow. As far as I'm concerned it's up there with magnets, glucosamine, chondroitin, green-lipped mussel, cider vinegar, diet, beetroot, celery, copper and anything else you care to mention. If any of these natural 'cures' worked arthritis wouldn't exist, would it? DD
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    I think DD might have inadvertently omitted cod liver oil from that list :wink:

    Seriously, there are no cures. There is some evidence that turmeric can help a little with inflammation. ARUK did a survey of complementary meds and the effectiveness rating of turmeric was a low 2/5. Capsaicin got the best rating at 5/5. http://tinyurl.com/ak3g5f2

    What type of arthritis do you have and which meds do you take?
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    Hi there,

    Tumeric is an 'anti inflammatory' food, but wether that will help with your arthritis or not is something you can only try and see.

    It has been used in some cultures for hundreds of years to help with all sorts of inflammation and for general good health, and as far as I'm aware has no side effects or negative points (apart from the staining issue!)

    I've been taking it for a year now...not sure if it helps my arthritis but I also have hypertension and high cholesterol and since changing my diet and adding some foods (tumeric, ginger etc) my cholesterol levels halved in 4 weeks....my GP was amazed and I avoided statins. I saw a qualified nutritionalist for this (as my cholesterol was so high I wanted to do all I could to lower it )

    I'm not suggesting the tumeric lowered my cholesterol but it's part of a whole change to my diet, which includes 'anti inflammatory foods' , loads of vegetables , salads, oily fish, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and avoids sugar, processed food and cheese, butter etc.

    Apparently tumeric can only be absorbed by the body if taken with fat (such as in milk, with oil in cooking a curry /stirfry etc ) and it also needs black pepper with it.

    I have a 'shot' each morning of a small glass of vegetable juice (ready made in a carton...can't be bothered to make my own) with a spoon of tumeric, a grind of black pepper and a splash of avocado oil. I drink it down with a straw incase in stains my teeth (not sure it would but don't want to risk it)

    I also add it (and ginger...also anti inflammatory) to as many foods as possible....eg I add tumeric to omlettes, salad dressing, soups etc.

    All I know is it seems to help my general health...not sure about arthritis but I guess it may possibly help milder cases. At least it won't do you any harm and it's cheap (£1 for a bag in Tiger shops....lasts a month....cheaper than capsules)

    I hope this helps!

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    If you're interested the 'Superfoods' programme on Ch4 today looks at turmeric /inflammation /arthritis.
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    On the days I don't take golden paste i.e. turmeric, my hands are more painful...
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    There have been many non prescription therapies to try, I have an electronic nerve stimulation box which used to help when arther was smaller, whatever helps?
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    I am also a great believer in the placebo effect as it does work...