Did you see.....

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....that ARUK are actually advertising on TV now?

I think this can only be good news for us all as it will make arthritis seem more real and important especially for those who get all their info from TV :wink:


  • Slosh
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    I did, and I think the ad is very good, the Guardian are also running a series of articles on living with arthritis.
  • TheLordFlasheart
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    Saw it last night, and is an excellent way of highlighting arthritis. I've also been reading the Guardian articles, the latest one is all about how arthritis is affecting careers.
  • dreamdaisy
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    I haven't seen the TV ad but have read the special articles (and seen some ads) in the papers.

    I think this is a good thing but there is still a long way to go in changing public perception of our disease in all its guises: at least a start has been made. DD
  • Natalie1712
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    I saw it a couple of nights ago and I was so overwhelmed and it actually brought a tear to my eye! It just took me by surprise as arthritis isn't exactly one of the more 'popular' illnesses to be shown on tv and I wasn't expecting it. I thought it was very good and got the message across. Hopefully it will help to make people more aware! X
  • Rog
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    heard a fella in work on about it today there, have yet to see it myself (seems weird saying work when i have PsA) some think you are fit as a fiddle when you actually arent. one of my asst managers hinted but didnt say directly that maybe i shouldnt really be 'working' but surely if thats what he thinks i have grounds to sue if it ever comes to being 'pushed' out the door?

    sorry to go off topic slightly there but its all one and the same surely.
  • michellelouisa
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    Absolutely brilliant seeing this as on TV.

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