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Hi all

I am new to the forum. Its taking a while for me to get a proper diagnosis. The latest one is probable peripheral inflammatory arthritis seronegative.
It affects my hips,knees fingers,top of spine and recently my left ankle.
Two months ago I left my job. I had been a support worker and care assistant for the last 15 yrs. I was struggling with the 12hr shifts and moving and assisting. I began to feel so low and still do at times. I really want to work and hope I can find something more suitable. I am currently receiving ESA and waiting for a medical. I think this forum will help me to become more positive knowing that you are not alone.


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    Hi Michellelouisa
    Welcome to the forum so glad you found us, so sorry you are so low at the moment and hope that by joining the forum you will be able to join in with others and get some answers to your questions.we have a free helpline if you want to talk to a person it is 0808 800 4050 any time in the day.
    please in the mean time join any of our forums Chit Chat and LWA being the most popular.
    All the best Christine :D
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    Hello Michellelouisa and welcome to the forum. You do sound a very positive person but no wonder you finally had to give up your job. It sounds a very physically demanding one for someone with arthritis. I hope you can soon find something easier on the joints.

    You are definitely not alone though. We all support each other on here as we all know what it's like.
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    Thank you for replying.

    I have a proper diagnosis now. Ankylosing Spondylitis with Peripheral inflammatory Arthritis. Still in pain especially hips, buttocks, ankle and fingers. I qualify for Biologic Cosentyx injections if my blood results and chest x-ray come back clear. I hope I can have this and it works. Feel so fatigued a lot of the time. It's very frustrating. I have to have the flu jab this morning.

    Has anyone had these injections and did they help. Can't wait to have a good night's sleep. Have increased Amitriptyline but still waking up.

    Thanks Michelle. :sun:
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    Hello Michelle

    It may help you if you post on the Living with Arthritis page as more people use this section and you may get more answers to your questions.

    This page on Arthritis Research UK's internet site may be of interest to you

    Best wishes
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    Hello and welcome to the forums from me too :)

    I had a search on the forums and put in the generic name of the drug: secukinumab and found only 1 hit it being a fairly new biologic.

    The person who mentioned it is still active on the forums so you could maybe try PM-ing her?

    Best of luck

    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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