Do you tell your employer?

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Interested in views as to whether people should tell / have told their employer?

Started a new role quite recently and am unsure whether to say something. Managed to cover the various appointments / BTs so far but whether that is sustainable for medium to long term is an unknown.


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    Hi Lewis,

    I posted something similar in "Declaring arthritis" thread I started.

    But I find honesty is the best policy, that way your emplyer can work around it and find ways to accomdate you. Legally they are bound to make reasonable adjustments, i.e reducing hours, new equipment such as chairs/desks.

    My current employer knows, and i've had to reduce to woroking 30 hours a week, and they have an Occupational Health facility, which got me assesesed and an adjustable desk installed, along with an agreement to take regular breaks.

    You may want to check out "Living with arthritis" toptic

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