Referral for surgery update

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As most of you know, i've been referred for arthroscopic surgery, and yesterday got my letter from the hospital to see a surgeon, which will be on the 2nd October.

This has been quicker than I thought, as was told by my GP to expect upto 3 month wait, so no going back now.

I'll be sure to ask for pocket duties closer to the time (and for my latest pain clininc appointment on 26th of this month).

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    Please do call on us, Alastair. I always think it's better if things can move quickly before we start wobbling :wink: I hope all goes smoothly for you.
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    Good news Alastair!

    A reminder nearer to the date(s) will be necessary for pocket duties :oops:


    Toni xx
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    I am very pleased to hear you don't have long to wait Alastair..I will be in pocket duties and hope the op bring lots of relief..