Transferring from DLA to PIP

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I've probably done the worse thing imaginable and googled others experiences with PIP claims. I'm transferring from DLA to PIP and completely aware that the claims are different etc and although my DLA was set indefinitely, that won't happen.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 4 and Uveitis at the age of 13 with losing vision in one of my eyes at 19. My DLA was high rate for both as a child but my mum returned it at 13 due to my arthritis improving due to hormones etc. I then didn't claim DLA again till my early-mid 20's where I was awarded low-rate mobility for my vision loss.

I'm now 30 on Saturday and my arthritis has got increasingly worse over the last 5 years, but I've always powered on. I see consultants regularly for my eyes and joints as I receive cortisone injections in multiple joints a few times a year.

My PIP assessment was today, it lasted approx 20mins. It was a home assessment which I did not request. I wasn't asked to do any movements - I did get up and walk to my kitchen to get her proof of a special parking permit for my university and then sat back down. I also was not asked what distance I could walk, even though I ticked "it varies" - which it does. I do not have any walking aids as I cannot weight-bare on my elbows due to severe damage and pain. I answered all her questions honestly and then she was on her way.

I was only in receipt of low-rate mobility but I have been advised that I should probably be getting more as I'm unable to take myself to hospital appointments and rely heavily on my car.

I honestly have no idea how it went, I thought 20 minutes was awfully short and she didn't really ask me much about my mobility, more about the help/care I get from my Husband.

Any advice/opinion/experience is welcome.


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    Dear Faerya welcome to Arthritis Care Forums.

    As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have using the forums.

    In terms of PIP, please click on the following link to check our fact sheet

    I hope the factsheet helps but, if you need more specific information, you can always contact our Helpline at:

    In addition to the above, there are many lovely people who use the forums with a wide range of experiences. Have a good look through the different forums and pick the ones you feel are best for the information you seek.

    Best wishes,

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    Hello there Faeyra:)

    Welcome to the forums from me too :)

    First do not worry about the so-called 'indefinite' awards of the past, (years ago they gave life-time awards, very few of those exist now). Indefinite means:
    "...lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time..." so could have meant as early as tomorrow or in 5 years time. No-one knows.

    Very few seem to know how their PIP assessment has gone afterwards although I always think you should take someone with you. A 'witness' and supporter, (who can't speak, but can fetch things for you/make drinks etc), who hopefully will remember what you didn't.

    The best I can advise is for you not to worry about it. Worrying won't change the outcome and just be bad for you. :?

    Please let us know how you got on if you can


    Toni xx
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    i'm in the situation of waiting to hear about my PIP assessment.
    I got a letter out of the blue stating that it would be a home assessment. But i phoned up Citizens Advice as i'd heard so many stories of things going wrong. As soon as i mentioned ATOS the advisor immediately offered to sit in with me during the assessment. I also had my dad sitting in with me during the assessment as he could describe my seizures.
    But what the CAB person did i feel was to make sure that the assessor didn't ask any questions that they didn't need to.
    I have been marked down as being on DLA 'indefinitely' also.
    I would strongly advise anyone who has a medical assessment to have someone sit in with them. I had no idea that the CAB did this, but it alerted me to how concerned they were bout ATOS. I have been told that it could be a couple of months before i hear anything. Will just have to wait and see. But whatever comes back i'm going to contact CAB to let them know. Good luck everyone who is applying and going through interviews!
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    A very pleasant young lady drove all the way from Birmingham to Derbyshire and arrived just before 8AM without getting lost, even when she reached our rabbit warren of an estate. Everything seemed to go well, but I guess we'll find out in 6-8 weeks.

    I had Capita, but I wish I'd known what you fortunately found out. My appointment was this morning (Sunday) st 8AM. :?
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    Got a reply back from PIP and they have increased my money! I know that if i had not hadn't the advisor from the Citizens Advice sitting in the assessment with me, and my dad, things would have been very different.
    Anyone who has any kind of an assessment ....please take someone in with you!
    I phoned the CAB this morning and passed on my thanks to the man who came and sat in the assessment.
    If anyone doesn't have a family member or friend to sit in with them then they can approach the Citizens Advice.
    i know that the Citizens Advice people will vary across the country, but they are a free service.
    Good luck to anyone who is waiting to hear.
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    Whoo whoo, Been awarded Enhanced Daily Living and Enhanced Mobility. Thanks for all advice and help. xxxx

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    I was on DLA for almost 16 years for RA. I also have a hip replacement high BP cholesterol diabetes and under active thyroid.
    Was given a week to apply for pip as DLA was ending and I was due to go on holiday. Did the form got an assessment in 21 speed got my decision today. No points at all. I have a mot ability car which will now have to go back. The assessor said as I could scratch my head and walk into the interview room I could walk 200 metres and therefore never needed pip. I also have a slipped disc so back pain quite severs and into my legs. I tried to explain I get good and bad days and hubby does the cooking etc but she never listened I have sent a letter for a MR but don't hold much hope out. I am 61 and only my husband gets state pension so we have very little money with out my DLA
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    Good morning Deesam

    Welcome to our forum. You will find lots of advice and support from our members. Im sorry to hear about your issues with PIP.

    We have a helpline you can use to gain some advice 0808 800 8040. Here is a link to our benefits section ://

    Good luck

    Sharon T
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    I'm so sorry to hear this Deesam. Don't give up, I wish you well with any appeal.
    I think I was very lucky. I had a home assessment, (not requested by me), the man from Capita who came out was very pleasant. He just went over the same questions that were on the form. He did comment that I'd sent a lot of supporting evidence in. I did, I photocopied every letter I've received from medics for years! Any forms from surgeries I've had, I didn't know what was relevant and what wasn't so I just went for it. He didn't ask me to walk or do anything. I was truthful in my answers to his questions and told it as it is on a bad day (which he told me to do) but also told him of the things I can still do. He asked about the aids I use, and whether I'd bought them or been given them by the hospital or occupational health, in my case a bit of both. I do have some quite obvious symptoms of RA, such as deformed hands and feet, which I guess helped my case.
    I was awarded enhanced daily living and mobility.
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    An update
    I sent request for a MR enclosing 3xA4 pages explaining points about my condition and why I should have got,points
    It was refused so now have applied for a tribunal appeal. I asked for the full report and there are many things that either I never said or she made a mistake on. One example was She said I have a set of stairs to access my 3 bed house. This is rubbish I have a house in level ground and never told her that at all. Why would I ? Nobody would say they have stairs to their house if they have not. Parts of the report had many spelling mistakes. First I was she then he and letters missed off the end of words.
    I have a shower which we put in our council house having had bath taken out as I cannot manage a bath. She said we don't have adaptations then we do all in the same sentence. The whole thing is a farce