Hi from the Uk! Psoriatic advice needed if possible?

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Hi everyone
My name is Emily and I'm 33 living in the UK.
I have 2 children and work 4 days a week as a nurse.
A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.
Although it was pretty rubbish to be diagnosed with a long term condition at 33,
It has also been a struggle to get to this point so I'm glad I now have some answers!
I'm on a big dose of steroids to reduce inflammation and then my Rheumatologist would like to start me on methotrexate.
If there is anyone out there who has been in a similar position I would love to know your experiences, especially of methotrexate. I'm aware of what the symptoms are supposed to be, but to be honest I'm feeling quite anxious about how this will impact my family, and my work life.
Another anxiety of mine is around managing the joint pain and aches and also preventing joint deformity so anyone with tips around this and for general well being living with this condition would be greatly appreciated!
Thanking you in advance!


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    Hi Emily
    welcome to the forums. As you say it is rubbish to find out you have a long term condition but good to have some answers. The good news is that now you are receiving treatment your disease can be well managed and with the treatments today any joint deformities are much less common. It might be useful for you to read our section of the website on living with arthritis. https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/living-with-arthritis it has lots of useful information. we also have amazing members who will share their experience with you
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Emily.
    Welcome to the forum. I also recently had the same diagnosis. I tried methotrexate fur a few weeks but it made me feel rubbish so it was stopped by the specialist nurse. I am pretty sensitive to medications and can't take NSAIDS at all so it wasn't a surprise!! I'm awaiting my next appointment to see what I can try next. I have pain in my hand and wrist and have found wearing an arthritis glove has helped.
    I hope you have a positive result from the methotrexate, I've heard some really positive stories. Good luck xx
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    Hi Emily

    I too am in a similar position to yourself and have been on meth for 4 weeks now, only side effects ive had is a little nausea and a headache, due to up dosage this week so who knows what will happen