End of the Road ?

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When I had my annual review a year ago the consultant said I could if I wanted reduce my Methotrexate dose down to 7mg. I said that I would go along with that. Yesterday when I went for my annual review he said that he thought that my RA had burnt itself out and so I could stop methotrexate altogether. The decision was up to me and how did I feel about it ? I agreed to stop and he said if I felt the need for methotrexate at a later date to start again with 7mg. Finally he said that he would make an appointment for next year but please do not forget to cancel it if I do not need it. Hopefully after seven years I have got rid of the problem so will say farewell to you all and thanks for keeping me abreast of RA matters.


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    Oh pot80 what a fantastic post :D:D:D I thought, from your header, that I'd be reading that you'd tried all the meds and none worked.

    This is much, much better. How lovely! Thank you for posting and do, please, enjoy an arthritis-free life :D
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    What wonderful news, hope you continue on the up. You don't have to say goodbye, you could keep popping into Val's kitchen. But you know where we are if you need us.

    Love D X
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    What great news. I hope that you manage to stay flare-up free and can stay off the methotrexate.
    Take care of yourself. Keep us up dated on how you get on.
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    Gosh Pot80!!

    What amazing news :shock: :D:D:D:D

    I do hope all goes really well for you, but of course you must still pop in here as your experience will still be useful to others.

    Also we would miss you ;)


    Toni xx
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    Thank you all for your kind wishes. It brought it home to me how much over a relatively short time (7 yrs) that I came to value this website and for the last day or so I have felt strangely alone in the world and it is going to take a bit of a while to settle - no blood tests,
    no pills to collect,no personal details in my wallet etc. The focus of my daily life has completely altered overnight. I am not really moaning as I would not want to turn the clock back now. My check-up appointment for Sept 2018 arrived yesterday!! As suggested I will continue to look into this site and Vals cafe. I wish you all the very best that life has to offer. You are a good group of people.
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    I've just read your post and looked back at the whole thread.

    Such good news!

    Even so I can imagine what a shock it all is to you. You had adjusted to the arthritis diagnosis and altered your life to accommodate it. Now the goalposts have been moved, for the better of course, but still a lot to adjust to again. I think it will take time, but you'll get there.

    I am so glad to hear how much you value the site and want to agree with all the other posters that you mustn't disappear. We would all miss you including your input on the gardening thread if I remember rightly.

    Take care and remember the helpline number should you ever feel the need to talk to someone:

    0808 800 4050

    Very best wishes

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    I do love good news, and I am so very pleased to hear this..long may it continue for you and then you can on with your life.. :D X
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    That's wonderful news-enjoy your new and improved normality!!!!!
    :sun: :sun:
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    Fab news, good luck...