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Hi everyone
I've been thinking about joining a group for a little while now and this one looks great so thanks for having me !
I'm 46 , full time midwife and single mother to 4 delightful children .
After a 25 year marriage I got a divorce and took a couple of years to re adjust before reaching the lovely place I'm at now . That I'm happy and independent and seem to have met the most delicious chap too !
Anyway as many of us mums do I'm sure I always put my own health on hold whilst bringing up the children . Almost 2 years ago I had a big operation ( girly ) and was shocked that I didn't recover too well . Prob not helped by having no help apart from a paid homehelp which i could barely afford . Anyways, prior to this the only health issue I ever really had was what I only ever described as a dodgy neck . 25 years ago after the labour of my first born I injured my neck and lost the use of my left arm for around 6 months . I remember the pain was terrible and it did leave me with a mild weakness in that arm .
Over the years I'd occasionally have a flare up but always managed . An x ray around 10 years ago revealed arthritis in my neck .... I only knew this because the radiographer was a friend of mine and told me it was fairly bad , however my doctor reported it as normal so I wasn't too concerned and it was fairly obvious j had some arthritis .
I was always very proud of how strong my back was . I mean 3 years ago it was me who would put my daughter on my shoulders and climb a hill .
After my operation and long period of rest I noticed my lower back was not good . I could only described it as if my whole spine felt like an unstable lollipop stick that any slight wrong movement would make it snap ! The pain in my neck ( well it's from my neck ) but located down my arm and shoulder became really bad at the same time . This time I couldn't seem to shift it so returned to my GP who ordered and MRI. I wasn't expecting an all clear by any stretch but neither was I expecting to hear that I had severe and advanced arthritis down all of my neck and all of my spine . . I was saddened and a little shocked .
My main question is why would my back which has been symptom free and very strong for 45 years suddenly develop advanced arthritis ?
Because I'm a midwife and nurse I think my GP assumes I know more than I do . I asked him what I could do about this and he told me to go and show my MRI to my private physio, have a google , do some research, and he would do whatever I came back and asked him to do !!!! He said referral to a ortho would only be to comsider surgery .
Now I'm at a turning point in my life and this is really worrying me .
In 6 weeks I'm due to do a trek in Uganda ( 9 hours a day ) so I'm really worried I won't manage this now . Also my insurance wanted to know what type of arthritis I have and I just had to guess it was osteo ?
This has always gone after a few months but when I add it all up it's been about 9 months now and getting no better . I feel like I can't do anything physical like even lift a shopping bag or my back goes , I have permanent pins and needles down both arms , dizziness and pain .
I'm in this new relationship and want to travel and enjoy the next chapter , but suddenly I feel like I've aged 30 years in just 1 year ??? Anyway that's my story and I'd love to hear back from anyone really who perhaps knows or has some understanding ?
Mooshy x


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    Hi Mooshy and welcome to the forums.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have severe advanced arthritis in your neck and spine - that must have come as quite a shock even though you were expecting some sort of diagnosis.

    Arthritis Care has a fact sheet for Osteoarthritis of the neck: you can download it here:


    Please note: no-one here is a doctor and so although there may be some suggestions as to why your back has suddenly developed advance arthritis, your GP will be far better qualified to help you.

    You may want to chat to our Helpline:

    Telephone: 0808 800 4050
    Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9.30am-5.00pm and calls are free.

    You may already know that you can self-refer to an NHS Physiotherapist. There is quite a bit of advice available on exercise and arthritis and you may find some help here:


    I look forward to reading your posts on the forums

    Best wishes
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    Gosh Mooshy!

    What a tale :shock:

    I totally feel for you with the single parenthood and an operation while alone in charge! We both coped didn't we? (mine was my back and I also have cervical spondylosis, like you so much sympathy from me).

    I am remarried and you are in a new relationship too so I am very pleased for you :)

    In my opinion your GP has spoken some sense with regards to getting yourself informed. However I recommend looking on reputable sites like this one and Arthritis Research Uk and of course NHS not DR Google - far too scary.

    In your shoes I would speak to your physio and maybe ask for a referral to an orthopod anyway just to be sure he is happy that your back and neck are stable.

    There are loads of options from physio, hydro, steroid injections etc so please don't think there isn't any hope because there is :)

    Coming here is a good idea too with lots of people in similar positions and so supportive.

    BY the way; re travel insurance I travelled back from Florida with mine having 'gone' for the last time there (operation on return to the UK) and still travel - life may be too short who knows. If your insurance won't cover you I use ALL Clear for my youngest (now 19 as she is in remission from leukaemia and had hip surgery and a new shoulder this year as well as epilepsy) it isn't cheap, but we take out an annual cover for her as no other company will touch her :x

    Best of luck and please do let us know how things go.


    Toni xxx