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I've just had my book of test results filled in for the last 6-9 months :oops: as I'm still getting used to the system of my new surgery.

The reason I'm telling you all is because it's clear that opting to eat a small amount of meat has made a huge difference.

You may remember I kept having low haemoglobin levels when I didn't eat meat at all despite gobbling spinach, dried apricots, nuts etc. I don't like meat but, since I decided to eat some weekly, my haemoglobin levels have gone from not acceptable to perfectly OK.

Incidentally, my ALT levels remain ridiculously low. Clearly I'm drinking nowhere near enough alcohol :D:D:D
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    This is good news a nice bottle of red to wash down the steak.. :D keep up the good work..
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    Im just wondering if NHS would prescribe a nice bottle of red .