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Hi, my name is Emma, I am 48 and I have thumb basal joint arthritis. This has been getting progressively worse for about 5 years and I have had 2 lots cortisone injections this year. I have now been given the option of surgery and would be very grateful for some opinions/views on trapeziectomy v. joint replacement. My consultant has said that a trapeziectomy is more widely used nowadays and has a very high success rate, whereas there are more complications with a replacement and it is a much longer more painful recovery. My mum had a replacement approx 20 years ago and it has been very successful, after the initial recovery which was indeed very long and painful.

As a bit of background I am a Legal Assistant and I use a computer/typing every day. I currently am in pain most days and have severe loss of grip with both hands (more so in the right).

I am particularly interested to know how much functionality/strength I can expect post op from the trapeziectomy v. the replacement as as well as your general opinions on both surgeries.

Thank you


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    Hi and welcome to the forums,someone here has been through the operation you talk about
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    Hi I had a right trapeziectomy 18 months ago. I can only now say that I think it was beneficial. I've had huge problems with the tendon which according to the scan measures 4cms whereas it measures 2cms in my unoperated left hand. ...

    you might want to PM her to talk about it,in the meantime you may get the answer you want from our members - let us know how you get on.
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    Hi Emma

    I think you are right about trapeziectomy (sp) being more frequently used these days as lots have had it on here at one point it seemed everyone was having it done and remember the Webmanager mentioning a factsheet. Took some finding but here it is


    It's so difficult to know what to do I understand. A thumb is so useful isn't it? With many joint surgeries the main aim is pain relief, but we need out thumbs! Is it your dominant hand too?

    It might be an idea to copy and paste your post onto the living with arthritis forum as it's a popular one and more relevant people should see it.


    Toni xx