First Diagnosis/First Specialist Appointment Question

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My husband is 28 and suffering from what we and our GP are pretty sure is reactive arthritis due to a recent and severe throat/ear/nose infection. We have an appointment with a specialist 2 weeks today and are wondering what to expect. My husband is really suffering, sleeping downstairs, with swollen and very sore ankles,knees, wrists etc and very low mood. We wondered if it were likely he would get some form of treatment to ease the pain and symptoms in the first appointment or whether it will likely be on the second appointment subject to tests etc? How long did it take you to get diagnosed? Additionally, and with unfortunate timing we have our honeymoon booked for 5 weeks today and wondered if it were likely we would need to cancel or whether within those 5 weeks we were likely to see treatment/improvement.

Any advise gratefully received, a very worried wife!


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    Hello Bubble
    My goodness you have got lots of things to think about at the moment, I am sure you will get some ideas and support here. Firstly here is a factsheet about reactive arthritis that you may find useful to read
    I am not surprised your husband feels low and is struggling presently. He has a lot to take on board, but it must be hard for you too? In preparation for your appointment it may be worth keeping some notes on your husbands symptoms so that you can give the rheumatologist as much information as possible. We have a booklet that you can download and use for this
    I think it would be worth talking to your GP about your honeymoon plans, this is always a difficult decision to make, I am not sure there is a right answer. If you would like some one to talk to you can phone our helpline team on 0808 800 4050
    I am sure some other forum members will come along and share their experiences with you and you might like to post in the living with arthritis forum which is our most visited area
    Please let us know how you get on
    Best Wishes
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    Hello Bubble123

    I was prescribed a COX2 anti-inflammatory tablet, (which is gentler on the stomach), a mild Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic drug, (to control the actual symptoms), a tablet to help me sleep and relax muscles and had a steroid jab in my rear for almost immediate, (short-lived), relief. I was due to go on holiday and you must mention your honeymoon. The rheumatologist said that responding well to that jab was useful for diagnosis too.

    I also had tests blood tests chest Xray etc so wear comfy clothes.

    Rheumatologists are of course all different, but I am sure if you emphasise how much pain he is in and how debilitating it all is, they should help him.

    Best of luck and please d let us know how you get on (make sure you are there of course!).


    Toni xx