Trapeziectomy v. replacement?

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Hi, my name is Emma, I am 48 and I have thumb basal joint arthritis. This has been getting progressively worse for about 5 years and I have had 2 lots cortisone injections this year. I have now been given the option of surgery and would be very grateful for some opinions/views on trapeziectomy v. joint replacement. My consultant has said that a trapeziectomy is more widely used nowadays and has a very high success rate, whereas there are more complications with a replacement and it is a much longer more painful recovery. My mum had a replacement approx 20 years ago and it has been very successful, after the initial recovery which was indeed very long and painful.

As a bit of background I am a Legal Assistant and I use a computer/typing every day. I currently am in pain most days and have severe loss of grip with both hands (more so in the right).

I am particularly interested to know how much functionality/strength I can expect post op from the trapeziectomy v. the replacement as as well as your general opinions on both surgeries.

Thank you


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    Hi Emma. I've had knees and hips replaced but no hand ops. We've certainly had a lot of trapeziectomies on the forum but not many replacements. I'm so glad your Mum's was very successful but surgery moves on and maybe the thinking now is that a trapeziectomy is less invasive and much more successful that previously. I guess a replacement would still be an option later if necessary. I've found a couple of previous threads for you - one on trapeziectomies and one on replacements. Good luck with the decision-making and do let's know how you get on.