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Hi all
Just starting on this journey, having already been diagnosed with mild Arthritus in right shoulder, hip and base of spine. All managed for a while by keeping active (I'm 76) and co-codomol.

I now have knee probs. It's quite swollen and an X-ray suggests mild arthritis under the knee cap!!!!! The outside of the knee is swollen with specific pain points and now painfull day and night. Any opinions re swelling, does arthritis cause this .
I have to wait till mid October to see a specialist.


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    Hi Tony
    welcome to the forums and I am sorry to hear that you are now having added problems and that your knee is swelling up and is painful. You say that you have had an X-ray that suggests mild arthritis under the knee cap, and it is possible to have swelling related to arthritis in the knee, but it would be best to ask your GP to be sure of the cause. Here is a link to an information sheet about osteoarthritis of the knee which may help you

    It might help to put an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on you knee to reduce the swelling this helps some people. As you are seeing someone in October it would also be worthwhile keeping a record of your symptoms so that you can give them as much information as possible at your appointment.

    I am sure our members will come along and share their experiences with you, let us know how you get on and please ask as many questions as you like, that is what we are here for
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Tony.

    First off, well done on keeping it all under some control by exercise. It's a very good way of dealing with arthritis. As for the knee or kneecap - it's possible to have arthritis in the kneecap itself but far more usual to have it in the knee. I wonder if your doc meant that it was in the knee directly under the kneecap. I guess you'll find out more when you see the specialist. Is this an orthopaedic surgeon?

    Arthritis certainly can cause swelling. An ice pack can help to reduce it (frozen peas wrapped in a towel are ideal) but also your GP might want to prescribe anti-inflammatories as co-codamol is a painkiller and won't necessarily reduce inflammation. Even if anti-inflammatories are not the answer the GP might prescribe a stronger paionkiller for you to take at night to help with sleep. I'd suggest you don't wait until seeing the specialist because, in my experience, orthopaedic surgeons never prescribe anything - other than, maybe, an operation :wink:

    Good luck and please let's know how you get on.
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    Hello and welcome from me too :)

    It's nice to meet you.

    I keep as active as humanly possible too it really does help especially my back which protests if I stop walking even fairly slowly.

    When my joints swell I used icepacks as Sharon mentioned and try to elevate them on cushions.

    Take care

    Toni x

    Toni xxx
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    Hi All again
    Well. Seen the specialist who confirmed it's OA
    And offered just advise comprising of physiotherapy including cycling.
    He was a bit vague about the options of pain relief suggesting it may reduce with the reduction of the swelling due to exercise and a steroid injection would only be temporary relief
    On the bright side he confirmed the joint, ligaments and cartalidge were all sound.
    So, will be following the forums related to pain relief.
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    Hi again Tony,

    I am glad you have seen a consultant and have your diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Thank you for letting us all know how you got on.

    I have added a link for you from Arthritis Research UK specifically about pain:

    Best wishes