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I need a belt I can wear to support the very bottom of my back around the hip and below. Not as a long term solution but in acute outbreaks of pain as at the moment

It probably needs to be extra extra large

Any recommendations

THank you


  • frogmorton
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    I am sorry your back is so sore. I haven't ever had a back belt (for a minute I though you said BLACK belt! :oops: )

    Is there anyone who can give you advice like a physio who you see? I have never been offered one despite back surgery in the past :(

    I personally have used the complete care shop online many times for bits and pieces I know one or two others who have used it too. I don't think the prices are too high except for places like ebay which I wouldn't trust with my own back!

    I hope someone comes along soon with some experience.

    Toni xx
  • barbara12
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    The one I have, my son got me form the gym..its quite large but very adjustable with the if you know anyone that goes to a mens gym..there are many site selling them on the net , just check the size..