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Hello and thank you for the add ive just been diagnosed with ddd in l2 and l3 yesterday after suffering with pain for around 2 months i also have osteoporosis so im quite scared for the future looking forward to gaining insight in to this condition and hoprfully finding the right painkiller that suits me currently on 60mg codiene 3x a day along with paracetamol x


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    Welcome Charlie4473,

    Lovely to meet you. I can see you are struggling with pain right now, though it is good that the cause of the pain has been found. Having to make adjustments at the beginning of a new condition is a bit worrying, more so when it's something that can't be 'cured'.

    Here's a leaflet by arthritis care about managing pain which will give you an overview on how pain can be managed, by drugs and other ideas too which could be a help.


    It can help to talk things over too, the helpline is here to help and offer support, the people are very knowledgeable and caring so do give them a call on 0808 800 4050 if you think that could be useful.

    Do post back to let us know how you are getting on - and if you have any questions

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello Charlie

    Welcome to the forums from me too :)

    It is scary isn't it when you first get diagnosed with something like this? One way of dealing with it is to talk about it and this is a good place to do that. There are people who use this forum who have Degenerative Disc Disease too.

    I can see you are on a good dose of codeine, but is it not helping you enough? Finding the right pain relief can take some time and a good GP to support you. I've tried a fair few over the years and at the moment use patches which give pain relief constantly. This suits me as a lot of painkillers make me woozy and when I am nearing needing the next dose the pain returns.

    Anyway I'll shut up for now, but do come on in have a
    look round and join in wherever you like you will be welcomed :)

    Best wishes

    Toni xx