Hello again

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Hello everyone,

Some of you i remember but there are a lot of new people that I don't know.

I used to visit the forum daily but the day to day 'thing's get in the way and I've only recently been having a look on the site again, partly because I'm needing help.

There are too many things to tell you but at the moment the one thing that is constantly in my thoughts is that I am now waiting for a date to have a bilateral jaw replacement.

I'm needing advice/help regarding everything.




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    I have missed you :D

    Finally you are having your jaw done? I expect you feel very mixed up - can't wait to blind terror :?

    Have you got a date yet?


    Toni xx
  • magenta
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    Hi Toni,

    Lovely to hear from you! I've missed you too!

    No date yet, just agreed to go ahead with it last Monday. The consultant thinks I'll have the op in less than three months but I don't think it'll be that quick. I haven't even been given the date for my ct scan that needs done first.

    I'm terrified one minute then excited the next. I can't believe I've finally said ok to it.

    I hope you and your family are all doing well, thanks for replying to my post
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    Hello again, magenta. How lovely to hear from you though I'm sorry to hear your jaw is now so bad.

    Jaw replacement is a relatively new operation. I think NICE sanctioned it in 2014. I know it's been mentioned on here but you might struggle to find many people who have actually had it.

    I hope yours will make a big, positive difference to your life.