Skin and hair queries

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Hi, new to the site and have a couple of questions, hope that's ok

Is it usual to experience hair loss with PsA even if there is no active psoriasis? Not on any treatment until I see the nurse in 3 weeks.

Can PsA cause skin problems other than the psoriasis?

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Hobble and welcome :D

    I have RA, not PsA, and, apart from knowing that the meds are the same, I'm not very clued up on PsA. I do think, though, that you should tell the nurse about this before (s)he prescribes anything as it might mean that one med will be more suitable for you than others.

    Good luck with it all and do let's know how you get on.
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    I was born with eczema (from my Ma's side of the family) and started psoriasis on my scalp (thanks to Pa's genetic influence) in my late thirties. I think I'm right in saying that unlike eczema psoriasis is caused by skin renewing too quickly, hence the raised plaques on the skin's surface.

    I have always had fine hair and it is thinning due to age (I am now 58) and possibly as a side effect of one of the meds I take for the PsA. PsA traditionally begins in the smaller joints of the body and I have it but with little of the skin trouble, which is a blessing.

    I was able to control the eczema by diet when I was younger (there were no steroid creams etc. back in those days) but not the psoriasis, that has a mind of its own. The immuno-suppressant meds I take to treat the disease help to keep my skin free of the trouble. DD
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    Thank you for your replies

    Stickywicket, will definitely let the nurse know what's happening

    Dreamdaisy, Been blighted by eczema since childhood and only had psoriasis as a child, so I was a bit surprised with the diagnosis as I thought I'd grown out of it.