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Hi all, I'm totally new to this site and like you all I have major pain issues. I was just wondering if anyone had heard of the Spinal Cord Stimulator?. It's like having a tens machine inside your body. It works on your nerves by blocking the pain, so you don't have to take so many meds. A number of people I know say it's worked for them. Unfortunately it didn't work for me as I have spina bifida, disease of the spine etc etc. I was recommended by the pain clinic I went to. Good Luck x

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    Hi Jerry,

    Welcome to the forum, very belatedly, I am sorry. Your post was on the end of a previous thread and somehow it got missed.

    It's a shame you are unable to benefit from the spinal cord stimulator, I haven't come across this before and shall see what I can find out about it. Pain remains an issue for most of us, it's good you have been to a pain clinic, they usually find a way forward for us.

    Arthritis care have a good booklet on pain, here's the link to go straight to it

    The website itself is worth checking out, it's had an update and has lots of advice and support,

    Do let us know how you are getting on and what works for you

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello, I've never heard of that but if it can help others then that's a good thing. I have tried TENS but found it more uncomfortable than the pain it was trying to relieve! :) DD
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