Hypermobity Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Palendromic Rheumatis

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Hello everyone, I know I've posted a bit about my woes but have had such good advice I thought I would let you all know I finally saw a consultant which I had to book privately and he diagnosed 3 things:
Palendromic Rheumatism
Hypermobity Syndrome
Now I'm trying to get me head around it all, I know I have osteoarthritis in my knees and left thumb also cervical Spondylosis. I'm confused about the Hypermobity Syndrome and how this can be a problem, after all flexible joints are a good thing are they not?


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    Lots of people have hypermobile joints and, for sportsmen and women, they can be a real asset. Unless they're too hypermobile. If joints are very hypermobile they can, eventually, cause OA.
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    hypermobility syndrome, is common with younger people & normaly goes away in thier twenties , if you look at EDS type3 , it will list alot of the things you mention & some think hypermobility syndrome & EDS type 3 is the same condition

    I know nothing about Palendromic Rheumatism , as for Fibromyalgia my son has had this since 1995 , you will need to take the advice of your consultants , only thing I would recommend is seeing a physio & building yourself up , it will help alot with Fybro & Hyper joints