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Hi. New member. 55 male. Solihull. I'll under XXXX.

Just had Trapeziectomy at above hospital. In at 7.30, op at 1130 out by 2.30. Driving (manual) 2 days later. Cooking, cleaning etc from day 2. Cast on 2 weeks 2 days then grandchildren decided to give it a good soaking so had to remove it. Found hand to be fine albeit a little stiff and getting tired after a few hours. Nice little scar. Due in GP next Wednesday to a officially remove cast. I do wear the brace I had pre-op but not sure I need it. I'll get proper advice at GP. Paracetamol twice a day reducing.


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    Hi Scribes79 and welcome to the Arthritis Care forums.

    Congratulations on what sounds like a very satisfactory trapeziectomy. I'm sure that you will have read lots about what to expect after your operation. You will need to take care to wear your splint and to carry out the hand exercises you will need.

    Just in case, here is the advice leaflet from University Hospital, Southampton that I found online:

    Do tell us how you get on with the outcomes of your operation and GP consultation.

    Best wishes
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    Hello scribes. I'm glad to hear your trapeziectomy has gone well. Do join in on any of the other forums. We'll look forward to seeing you :D
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    Hello there,
    This all sounds very positive, well done to you. I hope it’s ok, but I should like to follow your progress as I am down for this operation in January. If I am half as fortunate as you, I can hopefully look forward to getting back to work well within the three month window I gave myself. I just wish they would do my foot at the same time...if I’m going to be down, i might as well go for it!
    If you can get hold of a high concentrate vitamin E oil, it’s great to reduce any scarring.

    All the best,


    Ps Do you think it’s bad form to ask for the bit of bone? :)
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    Hi Marblegenie,

    Welcome to the forum, It's always helpful to be able to follow someone's journey through to get tips and info on an operation you are about to have. I'm doing the same myself re a knee replacement!

    Do take a look at the site suggested by Brynmor earlier in this thread too.

    Here's information from ARC website,

    Do take a look at the other forums, and let us know how you get on

    Take care
    Yvonne x