A Strictly Classic.

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Susan Calman as Wonder Woman. It was joyous, silly, clumsy, endearing, I loved it! I also thought Brian Conley (wonderfully collapsing every now and again as a Scarecrow might) had noticeably improved.

There are the obvious front-runners but who knows? The GBP* loves an underdog! DD

* Great British Public


  • frogmorton
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    You know I'm rubbish with names :oops:

    I always love whoever is the absolute worst as long as they TRY :)

    Mind you I rather like Susan Calman this year.

    By the way last night's is recorded spill no beans :shock:
  • barbara12
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    Must say Susan Calman has so much energy..I find it a shame that there are always the one that are so good, they are obviously danced before..I take my hat off to the the ones that don't...I love everything about it especially all the stunning dresses..
  • Slosh
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    Loving it as usual. Not keen on Debbie, too " sweet" for me but Susan Calman is wonderful and I loved last weeks tribute to Morecombe and Wise, Johnny Peacock is also amazing.
    I also like the ones where you can see them improvingvweek by week.
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    Yep, a few more weeks of eating on me knees, not speaking unless its about strictly and who forgot to record it (just in case some unknowing person phones, god forbid!).

    On the good side I get unlimited F1, Practise 1,2,3, Quali 1,2,3 the Race and Roundup, brilliant!!! When I switched on early on Sunday morning to watch some saloon racing there wasn't a word said. Result.
  • dreamdaisy
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    Oh dear, Airwave, your Saturday night Autumn purdah has arrived :wink: I can retire to the bedroom to watch although Mr DD does tolerate it on the big telly, bless him.

    I think the telly chef might be for the heave-ho this week, he is still a little stompy despite being fairly light on his feet; quite how one can manage that I do not know. DD