Knee Appointment, got to have knee replacement!!

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Saw my Knee consultant yesterday to get M.R.I scan results and what he showed me was shocking! My left knee is a mess, his words where 'it's the worst I have ever seen!' So I knew what was coming next. I need a total knee replacement, he told me he is going to use a plastic replacement as it will be best for my bones. The wait is 10-14 weeks so now just waiting for the date. To say I'm cr**ing myself is an understatement and would appreciate all your advice and knowledge on what to expect.

P.S my appointment with the Rheumatologist Nurse tomorrow has been cancelled due to yesterdays news so pocket duties no longer needed!!


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    That is good news, I am very pleased for you! :D There must be hundreds of threads on here about new knees so I am sure you will be able to find all the info you need. As you may recall I was refused to extreme youth (aged 52) and being fat, I am now older and thinner but currently can't be bothered to go down the route as I need two and everything else is wrecked due to not having them done. The recovery is the key part, if you don't do the exercises regularly and properly then the outcome may not be as you desire. A friend of mine had hers done, refused to exercise because it hurt - :roll: - and despite the shiny new joint has ended up worse than she was. What a waste of precious NHS resources. DD
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    Well, that's good news :D In my book, new joints are always good news.

    My first TKRs were the Leeds Knee which has a metal upper part and plastic lower part. I still have one of them. It's now 36 years old.

    The timescale suggests you could be in over Christmas. It's a period when many people don't want to be in hospital so those in more pain, who are happy to go in asap whenever the date, can profit from this. I found it an odd Christmas when I did it. Horrible food, wonderful carols and a half tumbler full of sherry :D Interesting.
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    Good news for you there, hopefully it will help. I'll sure be following this in preperation for when I eventually need a new knee myself :D
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    Hi bubba
    A new knee with save all the messing around and the pain that come with it, they know when the time is right and when other treatments wont work for you..I only know about hips but like the others have said there is lots of info on here...
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    What to expect...if it's anything like mine you'll be out of hospital in a few days, and on your feet relatively quickly. As has been said, do your exercises - start them ASAP after the op, and keep doing them, making sure to take enough medication that it doesn't hurt that much. I had both knees done a little over 5 years ago, and they're brilliant. Anything else you want to ask, feel free.