What a sun.

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This afternoon our house was bathed in strange orange light which roused my curiosity. I looked out of the door and the setting sun was a beautiful deep orange colour, apparently due to debris in the atmosphere stirred up by the ex-hurricane Ophelia. Now the sky is the same, heavily clouded but glowing as though there is a forest fire down the road. I realise that here in East Anglia we are escaping the worst but the wind has been gusting and is increasing.

To those of you in Ireland, Wales and along the western side of the country who have been affected by the bad weather I hope that all is as well as it can be. DD


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    Dust drawn up from the Sahara desert with smoke from the Portugese fires to boot.
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    Well, things are nearly back to normal here, the sky is cloudy and white but the sun is a lovely shade of peach. I wonder where the dust is landing? DD
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    I was proper spooked by it DD!! :shock: t98243

    I was visiting my friend Carole and was scared to get in the car to go home!!!

    I expect some of the dust has landed here?