The answer is Behcet's Disease

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Hi everyone,

I hope all is reasonable in which ever part of arthritis world you are inhabiting. I'm here to update and ask questions, again!

I may finally have an answer to all the falling down, mouth ulcers, tummy problems, eye issues, splinter haemorrages etc that I have had for the last 10 years. In addition to the RA, my rheumatologist now believes I also have Behcet's Disease.

We both got very excited when he arrived at this diagnosis as it explains so many of my symptoms that fell just outside the rheumatoid box. He is even more excited as I am only the third patient he has ever attempted to diagnose: apparently, I made his day! He has started me on colchicine on a trial basis and I think it is having an impact.

I don't know what happens next and will keep you all updated. Are there any Behcet's sufferers out there?

Take care,



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    Hi Scattered
    it's good to get your update and positive for you to finally get all your symptoms diagnosed. There is a society for Behcet's disease (also know as Behçet's syndrome) they also have a forum that you might find useful
    We do also have a information sheet that you might find useful here
    As you have said this is not a very common conditions so please keep us updated on how you are getting on and I hope the new treatment settles things down for you
    Best Wishes
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    Hello Scattered, it's lovely to see your name again. I have heard of this but know nothing about it, in all my years on the forum I don't recall another sufferer posting but it might have been under consideration for some who have been and gone.

    It's good the colchicine is being beneficial, I hope that builds and lasts. I think another person on here takes that, if I remember correctly she has a diagnosis of sero-negative RA so I hope she spots your post, she might be able to help with her experience of the med. Good luck with it all and please keep us informed as to how things go. I wish you very well. DD
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