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RA affects my hands & feet & right now I have a flare up in all the joints of 2 fingers. My GP changed me from Ibuprofen to Arcoxia a few weeks ago so I’m taking that along with paracetamol & occ dihydrocodeine. It’s 4am now & ive been awake since 2.30 in pain. Can’t take any more analgesia yet & had to remove my support gloves because even they are causing pain. I have rubbed in some Ibuprofen gel as my Rhumy Dr told me that it is quite effective for joints that are near the skin surface. However, I’m a bit concerned because my GP told me not to take ibuprofen with Arcoxia and I’m sure this would include gel. But in this instant, I’d do anything to get a bit of relief.. What else is available & safe to use?


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    Hi jennand
    I am so sorry you are having so much pain and being awake at night is awful. I seems like your arthritis is not being well controlled, do you have a rheumatologist? If so it may be an idea to phone them and try and arrange an appointment with your consultant. It would certainly be worth going back to your GP. We do have a booklet on managing pain that you might find useful and you can always phone our Helpline on 0808 800 4050. I hope things ease up for you soon
    Best Wishes
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    I know that Voltarol cannot be used when taking diclofenac as they both contain the same ingredients, this could be why you shouldn't use that gel with arcoxia. In my view pain relief is a total misnomer, pain dulling is the best anything of a reasonable strength achieves and the strong stuff just removes us from the pain, not vice versa.

    Being in constant pain is debilitating, demoralising and distressing as is adjusting to it. I think it's worst when it's localised as it is able to gain more attention. When I'm awake at night (which is every night and frequently) I read my Kindle or do daft alphabet lists to take my mind off things. For me that works sufficiently for me to doze off until the next pain breakthrough.

    It may be worth having a chat with your GP about further pain relief options, I hope he can help. DD
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    Thanks for replying. I do have a rheumatologist Sharon. I take leflunomide & hydroxy, plus Gabapentin for nerve pains in my feet. I am getting more flare ups recently because I had to reduce the lefunomide as I was getting so many infections. It’s a trade off I suppose. I went into town earlier & popped into Holland & Barrett. Spoke to the assistant & she suggested I try lavender & peppermint oil rub. I also got some ginger tea. I figured it might help. But I do have an appointment with my GP next week, so I’ll discuss it again. I was feeling a bit down during the night, but I’m feeling a bit better now. I’m going to have 40 winks & hubby said he’ll take me out for dinner as neither of us feel like cooking tonight. So, every cloud eh?
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    Just sending hugs {{{ }}}, painful hands are horrible, and I well understand the sense of trying anything for some relief. I think perhaps ibuprofen gel and arcoxia are the same family of drugs, but if you need to ask quickly why not ask your local pharmacist-they may be able to offer some instant advice on what else to try. My fall back when I'm maxed out on pain relief is a hot water bottle as I find warmth comforting, though some prefer a cold pack. Whilst in Tenerife last year I bought some aloe vera gel which cools the painful joints and offers some temporary relief.....and because it smells of menthol does a marvellous job of clearing my sinuses !! :lol:

    Ringing the rheumy helpline may be your best instant solution-it may be that if the inflammation isn't well controlled a steroid jab may help.

    Deb x
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    Have you tried cold therapy gels ? I have recently found these msm cold therapy gels which really gives relief for pain, I'm using voltarol from amazon and cold therapy gel [web address deleted]


    Lovely to meet you, I'm sorry that advertising a website that deals with manufacture and sale of a particular product falls foul of our rules on advertising. I've deleted the address above for that reason, as well as the website having an 'odd' extension

    I have left voltarol in because it is now such a common product name, though I hope all our members remember there are many pain relieving gels on the market with the same active ingredients!

    Why don't you start a new thread and let us know what your arthritis journey has been so far, we may be able to offer help, certainly support, friendliness and good cheer

    Take care
    Yvonne x