Phone call, Cancellation, OMG!!

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Just got a phone call from the hospital 10mins ago, a cancellation has come up for Mr Bell (my consultant) and they wanted to offer me the date for my total knee replacement operation. It's the 22nd November, of course I jumped at the chance!! So they are going to rush appointments for pre-op through and I have now spoken with O.T explained I have a stairlift to which she said 'Oh then the knee replacement class we can skip and I will see you on the ward instead!' So now the nerves have kicked 4 weeks and counting!!


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    Oh, I thought you meant your operation had been cancelled. This means less time to worry, Bubba, which can only be a good thing: get those domestic post-op arrangements underway! :) DD
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    Great news.
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    Good news-hope the preparation goes well, less time to fret.

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    Fantastic news.....

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    Bubba. this is wonderful news.

    Try to pace yourself between now and the op - and whatever else you do - stay away from anyone with any kind of bug! Put an "exclusion zone" around yourself if you have to as, if you get a cold or a bug, that could cause a delay with the op and I'm sure you don't want that.

    Good luck with the preparation. Please let us know when your pre-op is and I'll happily do pocket duties.

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    That's great news, less time to wait now.

    Hope all goes well.

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    Great news Bubba :D

    I am over the moon for you.

    I was also going to suggest you just stay as healthy as you can until then :) germy people are officially BANNED!!


    Toni xxx
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    I am really pleased for you bubba..of course the nerves have kicked in but the sooner the better..we will be here to support you ..
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    Great news. When I got a cancellation, I had three days notice! Less time to worry, and you'll be recovering all the faster. You'll be fine.