ESA Medical assessment

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Hi all, i need some advice and a bit of moral support. i suffer from anxiety, depression, back and nerve damage and Osteoarthritis in my hands, shoulders, neck and spine and i claim ESA. I was previously a head chef for 25yrs.
So now its time for me to go for the ESA medical.
On the form i requested if it was possible for someone to come to my home and do the assessment but when i finally received my date for the assessment they requested me to go to the assessment center. So i managed to phone them and ask again , but i was told that i need a letter of my Doctor. So i phone my doctor and get a letter done and faxed off to the number they gave me . 2 days ago i received another letter from DWP saying that the letter off the doctor wasn't sufficient enough and i still needed to attend and they booked a taxi to pick me up!?
So this Wednesday 25th Oct at 9 am i have got to be ready.
i am already suffering from bad chest pain caused by the stress and anxiety, i will be in pain as i always am , and i have got to find someone to go with me to a place i have never been to before.
Why??? What do they want from me? my doctor's and my pain management specialist's diagnosis not enough for them?
I don't know anymore , i really do feel like giving up! i cant cope with the physical and mental pain and the stress ! i am not sleeping already .
i have been to these medicals before and you are made to feel like a criminal!! i have actually had to go to an appeal hearing after one time my money was stopped for 7 months. They said i was fit for work. then i wasn't able to sign on , so i was then told to reclaim ESA and i couldn't because id just been told i was fit for work.
i am so worried.
any supoort and advice is welcome .

Thank you all