hi, new to forum

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hi there , just wanted to introduce myself before i begin posting .
My name is Paul i am 46 yrs old next week. i live and cope on my own.
i was diagnosed with osteoarthritis after having a MRI on my spine in 2014. The MRI was for my lumbar area as i have degrading vertebrae causing 3 of my discs to slip every time i bend.
I also have suffered with anxiety and depression also since 2006.
As most of you can can probably relate too, the constant differing levels of pain on a daily basis dosen't help .
i have joined the site because i don't have many people in my life who have the time to come see me and chat, and actually talking about how you feel is difficult .
friend/family member; 'how are you ?' me; 'how i am fine!'

you know how it goes :wink:

i do need some advice , but i will post it separately.
hope everyone's day is cope-able and positive!
look forward to chatting with you all.