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Can anyone recommend a way that I can gather specific contact details for my rheumatology nurse?
I'm still having a few problems and feel that I need to speak to her directly as she's the only one who seems to understand. I've phoned the rheumatology helpline and it's the same lady who answers all the time.

Any help is much appreciated, feel like I'm going out my mind :(


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    I can understand why you would like to have direct access - who wouldn't? Therein I think lies a problem, give such details to one in fairness you would have to give them to all, and the poor nurse would probably be inundated.

    My rheumatology helpline used to be manned but is now permanently on answerphone due to lack of staff. They will call back if you leave a proper message (full name, hospital number and brief account of the trouble) but won't if you don't which seems fair enough to me. Patient numbers at my hospital are increasing - rheumatology don't lose patients in the way other departments do - and staffing resources are not able to meet the need. DD
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    I must be very lucky as the phone in the Rheumatology Department is manned by a member of admin and message is taken and you are told a nurse (there area around 4 specialist nurses) will call back in the afternoon as they are all in clinics in the mornings; and I have to say on both occasions I have called my calls have been returned the same day and recently when I called re chickenpox I was put through to a nurse straight away. So I think it does depend on the staffing of your hospital and the nature of your call.