Who has the telly zapper in your house?

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This is a huge bone of contention, me as a mere man never gets his mitts on it, I am incapable and would end up watching the wrong channel whilst I read, unless..........something goes wrong with the tuning etc etc!


  • Turbogran
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    I have it in the morning but Husband has it all evening and most of the time is asleep on the sofa or looking at his I pad but if there is something else I want to watch he his then suddenly interested in what is on. :lol:
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    It varies: since he stopped work back in May he has ceded the control of the big telly to me. :shock: I've always had control of the bedroom TV zap but he will still happily flick channels on either in the middle of whatever I am watching to check footy or rugby results, most irksome. DD

    PS The main issue now is his increasingly poor hearing - the telly has to be on so loud, as does the radio . . . . but of course he's in denial about that.
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    It should be me!!

    He cannot fast forward or rewind properly :roll:

    BUT he thinks it belongs to him :lol: