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Well saw the consultant this afternoon. First thing was an X RAY
When I saw him he said it was good, everything was fine and he would see me in 3 months again.
Just the usual,,, keep doing the exercises [as if I would dare stop] :lol:
I told him it was very sore at the moment [not just stiff like it had been] He checked how far I could move it. Range of movement
That was will be sore sometimes, other times just stiff



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    I suppose that was much as expected but at least it's done and dusted. It can be difficult to maintain the motivation to do the exercises but it doesn't take long with not doing them to really set one back. :( DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hello Hileena you didnt get very far then, I suppose you will have to carry on with the exercises...I sometimes wonder if they take us seriously...when they say all is fine.. at least you know the bones are all in place...xx
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    Hi DD

    It doesn't take much for your motivation to are right there
    I know I must keep doing them.

    Hi Barbara
    I've answered your email......Thanks

    Hileen a
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    Oh Hileena :(

    I bet you feel upset about that if you were hoping there was something they could o to help you :(

    Barbara is right at least it is good that you know your bones are where they should be.



    Toni xx