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Hello my name is sheila I had a big accident in 2011 and broke all my bones, well almost I was told I would have arthritis and have been fine I was in hospital for four months used crutches for a week and then was determined I went walking now we are in spain I swim in swimming pool, but now suddenly I am in terrible pain mostly my back and hips especially in the mornings, I am hoping this will get better not worse, is there anyone else who lives in Spain I live in Dolores spain, Costa Blanca south. This is the reason we moved here as thought the warmer weather would be better we do go back to England and then I got pain but as soon as I got to spain it would go that is why I am upset I am having this pain now.


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    Hello Sheila!

    Welcome back to the forum :) It's lovely to see your name again, but not so good to hear you are suffering, even in the warmer climate of Spain.

    We certainly have had ex-pats like yourself using the forum in the past it might be worth posting in Living with Arthritis including the part about looking for ex-pats/people living in Spain in the title?? Living with Arthritis is one of the busier parts of the site and you might get a better response over there.

    In the meantime I am attaching a link to Arthritis Research UK's information about pain which might help you a little:

    I am not familiar with the Health system in Spain, but wondered whether you have seen your doctor about this bad pain you are having in your hips and back.

    In case it helps you decide whether to seek medical advice here are two links which might be worth a read:


    Do please let us know how you get on Sheila.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Sheila

    You poor thing breaking so many bones :shock:

    Such a shame for you that initially being abroad seemed to ease your joints and now the pain is back with a vengeance :(

    In your shoes I would be visiting my Dr because of what you were warned of after the accident. Best to know what is going on rather than worry I always think.

    I remember a lovely chap on here originally from UK living in Spain I think......can't remember his name....he had joint replacement out there and it was really successful.

    Take care


    Toni xx
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    Hello, I am sorry you have had to find us again, I too have OA in some very useful joints thanks to the joint damage caused by my other arthritis. I find that atmospheric heat and high pressure helps but not enough to make a noticeable difference unlike low pressure weather, I certainly notice that. :(

    OA can result after joint trauma but it isn't an instant thing, it can take some years to appear. Once it's there it's there to stay but there are things we can do to help lessen the impact. Rest is important, exercise too but of the right kind. I take a steady but low level of pain relief to make things more tolerable and avoid acidic foods as I find they aggravate matters.

    I live in East Anglia but with the net it doesn't mater where people are. We are all in similar boats so understand the challenges and difficulties because we are all facing them. I wish you well. DD