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Due to a bit of a cock up at the hospital my MRI referral has taken 3 weeks to be received by the relevant dept. I now have a possible 6 weeks wait. Am thinking of paying to have MRI done privately so I can get on and have a steroid injection. Has anyone had any experience of doing this? Did your rheumatology dept accept a private scan.?
Thanks all


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    I do not see why your rheumatologist would not accept a private MRI report to be honest Sandi B. He/she would have the evidence.

    Might be worth ringing his/her secretary though maybe to ask advice before spending your money??

    Please let us know what you find out it would be interesting to know.


    Toni xx
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    I realise I am very fortunate in living just a few minutes drive from my hospital - when I was on waiting lists for scans etc. I always told them to ring me if they had a sudden cancellation because I could be there very quickly. I never had to wait longer than three days, it's amazing how many fail to keep appointments . . . Could this be an option for you? DD
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    All sorted. Referral will be done tomorrow so scan hopefully within 2-3 days!!
    Phew!!! £350 well spent!
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    I was referred to for a private MRI by by NHS hospital (there doing this a lot), and didn't have to wait long to have it (had it on Monday).

    Best of luck with the scan/injection.

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    I had a private MRI years ago due to the NHS wait at my then treating hospital being months long. It was worth every single penny - although I do seem to recall my credit card being whisked over the receptionist's counter extremely quickly at the private hospital!

    If I needed another MRI and the NHS wait was too long, I'd pay again. Without hesitation.

    For anyone else waiting, I concur with DD's suggestion. Always ask to go on the cancellation list. I've done that as well, but also then regularly phoned in to see if any cancellations had cropped up. Sometimes I've then only had to wait days instead of weeks. If you don't ask, you don't get!

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    Thanks for the advice, have just rung up and asked to go on the cancellation list. Having been asking for x-rays or scan since June, when sciatica started. They agreed in August and finally got appointment for November 19th!!

    They really should try living with sciatica and realise how hard it is...
  • SandiB
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    Scan finally booked for Tuesday! £600!! It took a week for my rheumatologist to send the referral so not overly impressed. Steroid injection booked for Wednesday so hoping I’ll have a little less pain by next weekend.
    Is it wrong to feel so excited by this??!! I’ve never been one for taking many drugs especially with all my allergies but now I’m like ‘bring on the drugs!!’