Just having a bad week [emoji85]

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Does anyone else just feel deflated by all the med regime and feeling on a constant hamster wheel of pain and flare up? I have recently started a new job and this week was a really important time for me at work and I am having a bad flare up!! Feeling so angry with it all . I have one day off a week which is today and after sending the kids off to school, have had to come back to bed due to the pain and swelling. I hate having to give in... sorry just need a good old moan!

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  • frogmorton
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    Mouse you used your day off in exactly the right way if you are flaring I do hope you are able to get into work today with it being a new job.

    Almost everyone I know is feeling a bit off ATM too it's just so dark and of course not much sun this summer too. My sister has got her light box out as she gets SAD. Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.

    Sending you much love and some ((()))

    Toni xxx
  • palo
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    Yes, totally understand, was spending all my waking time trying to manage my pain, it has subsided slowly and today has been mainly pain free and it is bliss.

    But am terrified of another flare and weeks of agony...Before this sciatica I had no idea that pain could be so all pervasive...
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    Hello mouse..dont apologize for moaning I always say its good to get things out..and yes we do understand ..I think these things hit you in waves, so I hope after a rest you are feeling a little better...x