Early 20s and recently diagnosed RA

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Hello everyone.

I have been diagnosed with RA by my rheumy via letter this week.
Had a depo steroid injection on 3rd Oct but this has worn off already and left me with a flare.
After telling my GP, consultant and the nurse at outpatients; I’m being seen in 3 weeks for treatment plans.

Although this diagnosis isn’t unexpected. It’s still raising a lot of questions and anxiety.
1) work, I’ve just become a manager how will my company support me
2) will I be seen as a hypochondriac ... I have other health conditions too
3) will I always feel like I’m 90 and run a marathon
4) will I be able to have a family

I have literally turned 25 in the last week or so. Im feeling this is another blow.


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    Hello Esmie and welcome to our forums.

    I am sorry to read of your diagnosis and that you have been left with so many unanswered questions and anxiety, the pain alone can cause us anxiety and frustration with out the unanswered quesiotns.

    You will certainly receive support from this forum from people who have gone through the same experience and some that have come out the other side and those who are still going through it.

    in the mean time please look at this web site https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/living-with-arthritis

    Hopefully it may answer some of your questions. There is also help and information just a phone call away. Our number is on the top of the page.

    with love Denise XX
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    Hi Esmie.

    So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Like you, I'm only young (20) and I have a form of arthritis too, however I'm still trying to find what type. I know how you feel about all of your anxieties, I'm the exactly the same. Do you have a rheumatology nurse you could speak to? I found my nurse so helpful and she answered more questions than my actual rheumatologist did. It's completely normal to feel nervous about being diagnosed with a condition like RA and I can imagine you have sooo many questions.

    As for feeling like a hypochondriac, please don't. Arthritis is just as serious as all the other conditions out there, it's just not portrayed well to society. I can totally sympathise how your feeling, yesterday was my first hydrotherapy session (the problem is with my right knee) and today I am in absolutely agony!! I feel like I'm over reacting but it comes to something when you can't even walk properly!

    It may be a good idea to post in the 'living with arthritis' forum so more people see your posts.

    Best of luck with everything.

    Courtney x
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    Hi there,

    I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I’m your age and was diagnosed when I was 19 but had the illness from about 14. I completely identify with your post. I work in healthcare and have a lot of time off sick due to my RA and worry how it will affect my work life. I’ve just been started on methotrexate as well as the sulphasalazine I already took so am told I cannot fall pregnant on the meds. Having a family is something I really want and I worry how I will cope with a child. I frequently say to my partner I feel about 90 and it made me smile to hear someone else say the same thing. Steroids are a wonderful thing thankfully, since starting steroids again I feel so energetic.

    You shouldn’t feel like a hypochondriac it’s a disability and should be treated as one. We all know what your going through and absolutely you are not a hypochondriac and should challenge anyone calling you one.

    I have a blog if you want to read, it may help I hope? https://reclaimingamyra.wordpress.com/

    Any questions or chats needed I’m here :)

    Amy x