Arthritis due to low Testosterone

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Hello Dred and welcome

I have not heard of low testosterone causing arthritis but you have come to the right place for answers.

|Our web site offers numerous types of information and I am sure you have researched your questions.

I am positive someone on this forum will be able to give you more insight into your questions.

I found this web site quite informative

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    That's an interesting theory, what kind of arthritis do you have? I know why I have mine, I was born with an over-active immune system (something that, as yet, cannot be reset to 'normal') which is the cause for my psoriatic arthritis: the joint damage from that has led to osteo arthritis. The medications I take suppress the immune system thus slowing the progress of the disease - and there's no doubt that it has, it's taken me years to get to the state I'm in. Once damage is done it cannot be undone by diet or medication.

    I know that testosterone levels increase in females after the menopause (I am female and have the 'tache and hairy chin to prove it) but I don't think the increase in that has helped to improve my arthritis, well, if it has I haven't noticed. DD
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    Welcome to the forums from me too dred.

    I was wondering whether this issue applies only to men?

    Women 'gain' testosterone after the menopause which is interesting as said by Dreamdaisy.

    Toni x