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I have been borrowing my son's electronic muscle stimulating device this week, I won't mention the brand, but I have find it really helpful for my knees. I was sceptical as I have tried similar things before, but I have found it very helpful in relieving stiffness and helping knee bend. I wondered if anyone else has tried these devices at all? My arthritis has been diagnosed as moderate to severe, and my doctor is keen for me to have surgery, but I am putting it off.


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    We all vary in what helps or hinders, if you find it helpful then that is what matters. DD
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    Is that like a tens machine Nicky?

    I found my tens really great for a good while, but over time I found I was having to turn the dial up higher to get any relief.

    If you are after delaying your surgery and it helps why not?


    Toni xx
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    Thanks Toni, this is a painpro machine, similar to a tens, it does seem to help.

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